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The Collective Projekt

As the name implies, The Collective Projekt aims at being a collective of a-la-mode divergent musicians playing infectious music fused together with electronic music. The 'K' in The Collective Projekt indicates Kinesis – the response to stimuli. The Stimuli being our unprecedented, innovative music!
The ensemble starts from a 3 piece outfit to any number according to the requirement. We soak in different cultures and mould with a contemporary perspective. The core drive being our electronica producer, Sameer sets off the frame with our Maestro sitarist blending in and upping the notch.
The harmonious vocals are given by the reputed who has add the Punjabi and Sufi industry. Together the music created goes on to be an impeccable blend of composition, raw funk, lush harmony, melody and improvisation. These compositions are often accompanied by instruments such as Tabla, Sarangi, acoustic elements and an organic soundscape. The sound fits in for big stages at festivals, private functions, corporate events etc.
When we say the sound fits in, we actually mean it as there is no rigid structure or format. From being an instrumental ensemble to a 7 piece classical infused electronica project with sufi vocals, we can cater to a varied audience of varied interests.